With the security industry becoming more reliant on cloud technology and network dependence having a good IT professional is a must. I highly recommend Kenny's services –  he has become an integral part of my security projects.

Andy Dykes, Owner, AED Security Services.


Omnigizmology provides computer and network support services throughout central Mississippi.

Why Choose Omnigizmology?

Here are six reasons to choose Omnigizmology.  We are confident that you will think of even more reasons once you have worked with us!

  1. On-site services available throughout Central Mississippi
  2. Highly skilled professional experienced at resolving technical issues
  3. Focused solutions based on your needs
  4. Proactive suggestions for performance & security  improvements
  5. Help available via phone, on-site or remote access
  6. Friendly and easy to work with
Omnigizmology Services


  •   Purchasing advice for your technology needs
  •   Software installation, configuration & upgrades
  •   Clean & optimize slow & infected computers
  •   Help with upgrades, printers &  troubleshooting
  •   Wired & wireless network assessment, installation,

configuration & administration

Hi!  I'm Kenny Wilkinson and computer answers are my business!

I have been working with the Internet, computers, and other devices since I was 13.  I hold a technical degree in Microsoft engineering and have completed a variety of independent study courses.

However, most of my knowledge and skills come from my many years of hands-on experience in the field.  I have worked with numerous companies including Sync IT Solutions, White Shirt Networks, Allstate, Trans Union, Trustmark National Bank, and a national filtered Internet company, and I have experience in customer service, technical support, network administration, sales, quality assurance, training, and management.

In January of 2013 I began to offer support to homes and small businesses through my company Omnigizmology LLC. For a short time a merger with a company called Sync IT Solutions brought more opportunities for both parties involved. But once again, the Omnigizmology brand is back in business.

Call me if you are tired of working with Technology on your own.

Let's talk!
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Kenny Wilkinson, Owner

Call or email Kenny if you are tired of working with Technology on your own.


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